Kindling-java is an attach agent to collect Java CPU / LOCK for probe which relies on async-profiler . Besides it also collect traceid generated by SkyWalking agent.


  • [Event] Collect datas by events specified by event argument[cpu / lock / traceid].
  • [Plugins] Enhance SkyWalking Agent and print traceId into /dev/null.

How it works

  • Jattach copy the agent jar and libasyncprofiler.so into container.
  • Jattach attach agent into application.
  • Agent start asyncProfiler by call asyncProfielr API.
    • Load libasyncprofiler.so
    • Execute star``t/stop command
    • Execute print to collect CPU data at fixed rate
  • Agent enhance Skywalking agent by asm and print traceid into /dev/null.
    • Begin / End life cycle of the trace
    • When trace is dispatched into another thread, begin / end life cycle of the runnable execution.