Install Kindling in Kubernetes

Deploy Kindling Agent

Note: Minikube is not supproted currently. Kindling Agent provides scripts and yaml files to deploy it in Kubernetes:

# Download yaml package
curl -O

# Extract and enter the installation directory
tar -xvf kindling-install.tar && cd kindling-install

# Make sure having the access to api-server, can run on Kubernetes master node.

Warning: Kindling agent exposes metrics to Prometheus. Please make sure that Prometheus is installed by its operator. If not, you can manually visit http://localhost:9500/metrics for metrics.

Verify Metrics

We deploy Kindling agent as daemonset to your cluster. So the number of kindling-agent pods correlates with the number of nodes in your cluster.

[root@master ~]# kubectl get po -n kindling
NAME                      READY   STATUS             RESTARTS   AGE
kindling-agent-5zz7v      2/2     Running            0          13h
kindling-agent-kv9gf      2/2     Running            0          13h
  1. Make sure the status of the pods is running. If a pod does not run, please use kubectl logs to view the error messages and check the FAQ first. If you can’t fix it by yourself, please feel free to open an issue on Github.
  2. Execute curl http://localhost:9500/metrics on the node where Kindling Agent pod is located. You should see many metrics.


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